Near my god to thee, 
I met darkness as a friend, 
A lack of control rocked me back and forth in the pen, 
Suicidal thoughts every now and again. 

The hard choice is life, Something we take or leave, 
And there were times with no hesitation I would flee. 
Flee from the friction and all our needs, 
Flee, just for the sake to flee. 
From these epiphanies that come to me, 
From penitentiaries that I've come to see, 
Till something dense opened up inside of me, 
It told me life's a choice won't tolerate living it in a prison, 
And at that moment something more has risen.  
Near my god to thee, 
Love was tough back then,  
Lack of control dove me up the walls in the pen. 
Where's the cleanse and what are your ends? 
Suicidal thoughts every now and again. 
Only child lock key kid,  
Only concentrated on what he did, 
What he wants what he lives, 
It didn't take long to figure out a selfish life means shit.
Dreaded momma coming home to heat up the spot, 
Souly on the weight of what she's not, 
Obsessed with hating the life she's got,  
Didn't realize it's not just her life she rots, 
A bang or a shot could me out that spot, 
to not have to fight the demons that she caught. 
Peace and balance is all I saut, 
Forgive but don't forget the wars you fought. 
Near my god to thee,  
I found truth in the soul, 
Truth is transparency, 
transparency makes us whole, 
My whole body of work will set me free, 
Not concerned with walking softly in-between, 
Moderation in moderation, Room for chaos to run free. 
My life is what intuition stole for me . 
Let the control rocks its self-back and forth in the pen. 
As Balance Dictates till the very end, 
True control is letting go and letting arrows fly in-between, 
Choosing right here is truly being free. 
So...Let go and Just be, 
Know that We are all god within thee. 

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